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Pinterest Verses Fine Art Professional Photography

October 1, 2015

We have all seen them, ooohed to them and said "oh my gosh, so cute." 



I am a huge fan of Pinterest but not a huge fan of the unsafe amateur posing and "cute" outfits that will date in no time.



If your paying a professional to take portraits of your child and family I suggest you use their talents wisely.



Professional photographers have studied for hundreds of hours, attended workshops, photographed many newborns, have insurance and are up to date with best practice.  

Not professional newborn photography: 
Posing in glass containers! 
Holding your baby in the air to take a photo

(that should be done on a beanbag totally safe) 

Awkward poses that baby is uncomfortable in  

Hanging baby on a branch in flimsy material 

Posing with huge, hard or uncomfortable props 

Posing in dress up costumes and huge headbands 


Natural Newborn Photography Experience: 

Simple poses where your newborn is the focus of the portrait 

Organic textures (twigs, wood, wool, cotton, dainty flowers) 

Soft, comfortable and warm props and outfits 

Neutral soft, light colours

(cream, white, dusty pink, soft blues, browns, grey, lavender)  

Dads in neutral clothing with no bold patterns, logos or pictures 
Brothers in jeans and no shirts 
Sisters wrapped in fabric or neutral, cream, white or blush dresses 

Mum's in neutral, cream, white or blush tops or wrapped in fabric 

Safety first (poses, spotters, temperature) 



You have researched your professional photographer and are paying them because you love their style and props. Save the funny costumes for home!

Em xx



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