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Newborn Preparation Guide

Custom newborn photography is a luxury most parents have never experienced. There is no rush into a brightly lit studio, throw on a few predictable props, grab a few snaps and out the door. We spend the time to relax, discuss what colours, props, and themes you would like and customise your photography experience.

Most parents book after 20 weeks gestation. I am happy to take bookings earlier and will do my best to book you in last minute. I only take limited sessions currently on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Due to the limited number of sessions each week we book your newborn session based on your due date. The best time to have you session is within 14 days of birth when your partner has time off work.

Please dress baby in a zip up suit with no singlet or socks and a loose nappy, this way if baby is in a deep sleep we can get started straight away.

If baby has a dummy they may need the comfort of sucking while drifting off to sleep. During your session you may need to "top up" your newborn as they are moved into different set ups. If you have expressed milk in a bottle feel free to bring it.

If you would like to try avoid newborn flakey skin, when bathing your baby try not to use a washer to wash their skin. You do not need to bath your baby the morning of the session, but if you would like to please do so just before you leave so baby is nice and sleepy when you get here.

Sessions normally take 1 to 2 hours. Charlestown square has two play grounds. Many partners choose to take their children home and come back at the end of a session for Mum and baby. There is no rush, we want to take the time to get amazing images that you will cherish forever.

Fashion changes over time so quickly. I recommend no logos, loud patterns or licensed children's clothing. Simple, solid neutral colour look great and are timeless. We want the images to be all about your beautiful family.

I want you to be comfortable. Mum you can come in your pj's if you like, I have a wonderful hair and makeup artist who can pamper you and a wardrobe for mum, dad and little ones.

My studio needs to be nice and warm for baby to be comfortable. I suggest parents dress light in neutral colours. Please no black. Cream, light browns or light greys are great. Texture and detail look amazing. There is cold filtered water available or you can bring your own drink bottle. Please bring snacks and water bottles for children and yourselves. Your baby will wee and poo! Perhaps on you, me, blankets and props. This is totally expected so please bring a spare set of clothes for everyone to leave in the car. Don't worry or panic, everything is washed after each newborn session.

Please don't worry if you are running a little late. I would prefer you to arrive safe, sound and relaxed! If you will be more than 15 minutes late please text or call to let me know. My mobile is 0423 470 367.­­

Thank you for the honour of photographing your family!

Em xx

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Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Hunter Valley Region NSW Australia

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