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What inspired me to become a photographer?

I have an obsession with capturing daily photographs and videos of my two baby boys as they grow. I tell myself the images are for them when they are older, and that is partly true, but if I am being honest with myself they are for me in case I can't remember!

I have a shocking memory as you will soon find out working with me. I love to write things down or they are forgotten forever (please email me important things lol.) I do worry that I will have Alzheimer's when I am older as my memory fails me daily at age 30 (must look into omega fish capsules and brain training ipad apps!) I can't remember much of my childhood at all and the snippets I can remember are memories based around looking at old photographs. One particular image always brings a smile to my face. We grew up in Townsville QLD and on a nice warm day the blue tarp rectangle pool was pulled out from under the house, my two younger brothers 2 and 4 and I aged 6 were sitting in the middle with huge smiles on our faces and our eyes squeezed shut as my mum sprayed us with the garden hose. From this photograph I can recall running to and from the metal gate on the soft green buffalo grass as mum sprayed us with the cool water.

My mum passed away when I was 11. I really only have a handful of images of her. Candid shots that were taken without her knowledge. The photographs are where my memories of events and moments in time come back to me. It really was a sad day for me when I couldn't remember what my Mum smelt like. It still brings a tear to my eye. She was an amazing artist, she could draw so realistically from a early age and I am lucky to have her drawing books to flip through. Memories are not forever. They fade. Moments in time however can be captured and cherished for years to come. Losing my mum and only having memories of her in photographs is what instilled on me at a early age to document and record as much as I can for my children and future generations. As I became a foster parent the NEED inside for me to photograph grew and grew. I had children, sometimes from birth, who were missing from their family's lives for weeks, months or years at a time. I began buying each child a giant scrapbook and I filled these books with photographs of their favourite activities, outings we went on, cuddling their favourite toys and of them being kids and having fun! We also put in their drawings, paintings, tickets, leaves they collected on walks, sand from the beach and anything that had memories attached that could be glued down!

Whenever we picked a newborn up from the hospital I would go crazy photographing each day, how small their fingernails were, the colour of their hair, the tiny little eyelashes, the windy smiles. I would photograph all these details because if they were my child or my future child I would want to have all those memories to cherish.

This is where I turned my love for photography and my love for children into my career! I get to capture moments that cannot be replicated for others to pass onto their children and future generations.

Em xx

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Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Hunter Valley Region NSW Australia

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