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Newborn FAQ

What are your views on newborn safety?

My goal is to capture amazing images of your precious newborn. Some poses will require Mum or Dad/Partner to spot your newborn by sitting next to baby with a hand on baby or very close by. Some poses are unsafe to try with a newborn that is not in a deep floppy sleep and will not be attempted. All blankets and wraps used are washed between newborn sessions and I will wash my hands before and during the session. If I am unwell I would rather reschedule your session than put you or your newborn at risk of becoming ill.

How long will my Newborn Session go for?

Newborn Sessions take 1-2 hours. The time it takes is variable depending how sleepy your newborn is and how settled your newborn is. Some clients prefer to drive in two cars to the session so after family and sibling portraits Dad/partner can take the siblings home and Mum stays for the newborn portraits.

What age is best for my Newborn Session?

Ideally I like to photograph a newborn in the first 14 days of life as they sleep more soundly and curl up easily. For babies born early who spend time in the NICU or hospital I like to photograph within 7 days of coming home from hospital. The older the baby is the longer they need to be awake before their session to ensure some sleepy portraits.

What to wear to my Newborn Session?

For family potraits please wear neutral, white or black clothing without any patterns or logos. It looks great when all the family are co-ordinated. I have wraps and drapes for mum to wear if you can't find something to wear. I want you to be in the photographs with your newborn. In years to come your children will cherish them!

What if my baby makes a mess?

Messes are inevitable! I have seen it all and all blankets/wraps that are used are washed after each session. Most of the time your baby's nappy will be on. It is a good idea to have spare clothing for everyone in the car. Please do not worry about messes!

What do I dress my baby in?

Newborn clothing covers up the precious details and actual size of your newborn. If you would prefer covered portraits we can drape fabrics, wrap your newborn and have knitted pants and rompers we can use. Please loosen your newborns nappy and dress in a zip up suit with no singlet. This way if your newborn is settled on arrival it will be easy to keep them settled and into their first set up.

How do I prepare my baby for their session?

I don't have any rules about what to eat and how long to keep your newborn awake for. I want you to be stress free leading up to your session and during your session. If you would like you can bath your newborn in the morning of their session, please remember, if your newborn has flakey skin and you rub your baby with a washer their skin may flake more. Please feed your newborn on their schedule, we will work with your newborn during your session.

What time is best to schedule my Newborn Session?

The best time to photograph a newborn is in the morning. Often newborns are unsettled in the afternoon near witching hour and can be full of wind from the day. Generally my sessions start at 10am.

What if my baby won't sleep?

Some newborns can have long awake times in their first few weeks or be unsettled with wind or hunger. I am very patient and we have plenty of time to get some sleepy shots. Please pack a dummy if your baby has one, even if the do not like it yet. I play white noise in the background during newborn sessions to keep baby relaxed and sleeping soundly. I keep my studio nice and warm as newborns have a hard time regulating their own body temperature. Feel free to take breaks relax in my lounge to cool down knowing your newborn is warm and sleeping soundly.

Can I have all the unedited photos?

An unedited image is a raw ingredient. If you were a chef of a restaurant, you wouldn't let a customer order a plate of raw chicken no matter how much they begged. I definitely take more photographs than you will see, this is to ensure quality of the images you will receive. As a newborn photographer I consider my photographs to be art and the final product is what you will see.

Em xx

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